Srishti Bagaria

Srishti Bagaria

Spotting art and design around me fascinates me. Fashion Designing is my passion. From the thread and needle to the fabric, from the folds to the patterns – I love it all! I began sketching designs since I was in high school. As time passed, I started enjoying creating garments in my mind and putting them to paper. The thought of a new design or pattern excites me.

Lately, I have been into a lot of experimentation. I tried my hand at tshirt, shoe n handkerchief painting. Apart from these, nail art is currently on my mind and I wish to learn as much about it as I can. Its interesting to flaunt a new design on your fingertips each time! On the other hand when I am not into colors or painting stuff here and there, I like spending time in the kitchen. The most recent dessert that I tried was loved by my brother which all the more encouraged me to continue mixing ingredients without any clue about the result.

On sum days when I just want to relax, I stick to the couch with a book. I believe, no one can beat the company that of a well written book.

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  1. Arka Banerjee
    January 26, 2014

    Hi Srishti,

    I am a fourth year architecture student from Sir J.J. College Of Architecture, Mumbai. I went through your blog ‘ a day at the weaver’s service centre’ and found it interesting as I have a similar thesis topic. So could you share the entire textile printing process with me with photos? Do you also know who are their clients? Or do you have any statistical datas from the centre?


    • srishti
      February 27, 2014

      Hi Arka,

      Sorry for the late reply. Been really busy with my fashion show off late.
      Regarding Weaver’s Service Centre, I do not have much details to provide. Had just been there once for a college assignment.
      However, you can find them online & approach directly.



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